The Greatest Green Products for Your Money

Going Green is a big trend with businesses. Many ‘Green’ claims on packaging and food labels are not necessarily being truthful. Since there are no standards regarding Green labeling, how do you know what products to purchase that will really have the greatest impact in the Green movement.

Produce from your local farmer is probably the best bang for your Green money. Purchasing from local farmers will give you better tasting food than the produce that is shipped half way around the world. It is also much easier on the environment with all of the fossil fuels that are saved from shipping and then trucking the item to the local grocery store. Buying locally also helps the community by keeping profits in the area rather than having money go out of state or even worse, overseas.

Drainbo is a much gentler way to unclog your pipes than the common drain cleaners available. It is a safe drain cleaner that is composed of a natural bacteria. Some of the bacteria is also used as an aid to clean up the oil spills we hear about in the oceans. These bacterial cultures will break down cellulose, carbohydrates and fats. Fats and oils are a constant threat to our water systems as well as our natural rivers, lakes, and oceans. This drain cleaner is a much better alternative to the dangerous drain cleaners that children and pets can sometime get into. These chemicals also eventually end up in our water systems and oceans. This drain cleaner might seem more expensive at first, but the bacteria does grow in the drain and the helps prevent future clogs.

LED lights are the cutting edge of light technology. This doesn’t sound very exciting, until you think about the kind of energy and money that can be saved with the new bulbs that are being produced. The LED lights produce a warm alternative to the cold yellow light emitted from fluorescent lights. Depending on how much the bulbs are used they can last from 11 to 34 years. They also use 15% to 25% less energy than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs with traditional light fixtures are now available at your local hardware store. This is one of the easiest methods of saving energy.

Use these three techniques for going Green and you will be affecting the world in some powerfully positive ways.

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