How to Go Green

One of the hottest trends is going Green. No longer is the conversation about global warming. Going Green is no longer a political discussion but an economic discussion. Going Green is about the environment, energy creation and the price of energy.

Going Green in regards to the environment could be anything from being an activist to deciding not to use chemicals unfriendly to the environment in your home or yard. There are many commercial as well as homemade anti-pest and cleaning products that are available that it is pretty easy to keep going down the Green path once you start.

Energy creation is a Green category that uses the Earth’s own characteristics to create an ongoing supply of energy that has little if any negative impact on nature. Solar power is one of the most widely known Green energies. Not only can solar power be used to heat food or a house, it can also be stored as electricity for later use. Many households are finding that they can create enough energy to power most of their needs by installing a few solar power cells on their roof. Wind farms are now popping up all over the United States to harness wind energy and turn it into electricity. It is said that the United States has the most opportunity to create the most wind energy. Because of it’s size and differences in it’s regions, the U.S. has the most windy land regions.

While going Green to save the environment has been the motivation of most activists. Many people still dismissed all talk of energy and the environment as the ramblings of a certain political group. That is until energy prices shot through the roof. Whether they were paying cooling, heating or gasoline bills, everyone has been affected by high energy prices. Since people are mostly interested in their own checking accounts the high energy prices put many more people on the Green bandwagon.

You will see the most benefit from going Green in order to save money. The energy creators mentioned earlier, but going Green to save money can have immediate benefits. Saving containers to reuse is a very Green technique, but it also will save you from having to buy a similar container in the future. Planting your own vegatables is a very Green technique that saves you money on your food bill. Even buying local, second hand clothing can be a very Green technique that will save you money. That shirt that you buy at the thrift store could have been thrown away, only to be replace by another shirt, shipped from overseas.

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