Green Living and Green Design

Builders and investors are finding that going Green can not only save them money, but can actually earn them a lot of money and other incentives. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that 68% of energy consumption. Builders are enjoying tax benefits from the points they earn by Green building techniques and investors are finding Green technologies are the future big investment. The Green Building Initiative is a system that builders can earn green certified points when they use sustainable and energy efficient techniques when they are building new homes. Planting shades trees can earn points as well as the installation of energy efficient technologies and appliances.
A home can earn points by either conserving energy in the home or preserving natural resources. Using wood or metal concrete instead of asphalt on the roof can earn points because those materials absorb less heat then asphalt. Reduction of artificial lights can reduce costs and environmental impact by installing skylights, which will also earn the homeowner or builder more points. Installing low flow shower heads and toilets can earn points as well as building the floorings and framings with recycled materials. Energy creating products like solar panels or a solar heating system for a pool can start to rack up numerous points very quickly. The point can be used for tax breaks and other government programs.
The need for green design and living has even created mortgage products. They may be getting a bad rap lately, but Fannie Mae has a Energy Efficient Mortgage that is specifically intended for green construction and design. The Energy Efficient Mortgage is aimed at development in urban neighborhoods. Urban communities are also targeted for Green technologies ranging from energy creation with solar, wind and tidal energy to the creation of food in the cities with multi-story greenhouses that will grow that food local. Conserving both energy and carbon footprint.
Mortgage companies are not the only businesses who plan on making money on green technologies. Venture capitalist have increased investments into green technologies and products, by 37% from 2007 investment figures. North American, Chinese, Indian and European investors have made a $2.5 billion investment in green industries in 2008. A trend that will only go higher as the demand for energy has proven to historically go higher.
Green industry will also be a major hiring force for new college graduates. MBAs, engineers and software designers are all going to be hired in numbers unseen from the future green technologies. The industries that venture capitalists are investing in are usually a very telling indicator of where the future of consumer money is spent. Energy consumption is now one of the major issues that communities find themselves challenged by as technologies and consumer demand creates a greater strain on energy supplies. Venture capitalists recognize this and they are banking on businesses that create or conserve energy.

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